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A happy and positive mood is necessary to achieve productivity and work goals. However, pressure and anxiety arising from professional and personal life can drain the energy and deteriorate the overall brain health. This is where NeuroRoot supplements could come to your rescue. The natural and mood-enhancing ingredients of our supplements are shown to help with emotional regulation by stimulating the mood-related regions of the brain. Here is a breakdown of how the ingredients in Focus Plus could help you lead a healthy and happy life.

Several researchers have associated dietary B vitamins, mainly vitamin B6, with mood enhancement and have established that adequate levels of B vitamins in the diet are necessary to avoid poor nutrient and mood status. The vitamin plays an imperative role in the creation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which are known for stimulating a happy response. The release of another neurotransmitter, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), is also known to be associated with Vitamin B6. GABA contributes to several activities such as peaceful sleep, muscle toning, and lowering anxiety. These activities reduce stress, resulting in a calm and happy mood. Citicoline, which is most popular for its cognition enhancement properties, can also elicit a positive mood in combination with Vitamin B6.

Our supplements also contain black pepper extract to increase the bioavailability of these nutrients and to boost the action of other ingredients. Not only this, but the bioactive compounds in black pepper extract also act as a mood enhancer and boost norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine levels in the brain.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract is another one of the key ingredients that provide several health benefits and helps to relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. Lion Mane is known for its historical application regarding depression and anxiety treatment. The bioactive extract from this edible and medicinal mushroom, instead of changing the neurotransmitter, supports the growth of the nerves in the hippocampus region of the brain. This region is responsible for controlling mood and emotions in human beings. By promoting healthy development in the hippocampus, lion’s mane mushroom’s control emotional hitches and creates a positive and happy effect on human behavior.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract is also termed as velvet bean or “dopa bean” for its natural medicinal properties. The Mucuna Pruriens extract was used as an ancient Indian treatment for reducing stress and anxiety levels and to elevate positivity and happy mood. If you have encountered a stressful or an incredibly dull day and need to catch some motivation, the dopa bean extract in our supplements will help you achieve relaxation and gather enough energy for further tasks. Its magical ability regulates hormones and enables the brain to handle stressful situations more easily and tactfully. L-dope in Mucuna, which is actually an originator of dopamine, is responsible for creating the feelings of pleasure and fights lethargic and depressed mood. If you are leading a stressful life and want a healthy escape from procrastination and negative mood swings, the NeuroRoot Focus Plus supplement is just the right pick for you, as it will take care of your dopamine levels all day long.

Caffeine, another one of the ingredients, which is extremely popular and consumed by many people in form of tea, coffee, and other beverages. Our supplements use anhydrous caffeine; a more concentrated (and safe) form the compound, which makes them an effective stimulant for an athletic and energetic performance. This compound is believed to enable excitability in the brain by blocking the activation of adenosine receptors, which are associated with symptoms of depression. The mood elevation and stimulating properties, when mixed with the soothing effects of Cannabidiol or CBD, provide a subtle and relaxing effect on mood. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, which means that it is safer to consume and does not have any side effects as seen in the consumption of pure cannabis. These two magical ingredients can help achieve a stabilized state of mind with their cooperative action. Focus Plus has combined these compounds in order to bring out the best in each substance to provide you with a unique experience. While one provides an energy boost after a tiresome day, the other tends to negate stress and produce feelings of happiness.

NeuroRoot contains just the right amount of ingredients that are the most promising when it comes to supporting positive mood levels. The effect of these compounds on neurotransmitters and brain activity regulates feelings of calmness and lets you enjoy your life as fully as possible. If you feel drained, stressed, unhappy, and demotivated after getting home from work, it is worth giving healthy and herbal nootropics like NeuroRoot Focus Plus a shot.


Gaming can be regarded as one of the hottest commodities of the modern era. Now and then you can find a gamer in almost every corner that you turn to. The trend of gaming has significantly increased in the past two decades and now there are online tournaments that are being held for games. Gamers have now made a career out of something that was initially thought of just as a hobby and people are earning millions just through playing ‘games’. The main issue arises when there is an excess of something.

Excessive Gaming:
Excessive use of online gaming and staying focused on the computer or console rather than your life has given rise to a lot of problems. Once you start gaming, it is pretty obvious that sooner or later you will be addicted to it and it would be very hard for you to let go of it. This would cause you some social problems and at the end of the day, you will be struggling for proper success in other channels of life. Focusing on your life and the secondary things are as important as your career or your hobby and gamers find it hard to keep a balance between them. To help you focus and keep your brain activity at a normal pace you would need something to help you through it and this is where Neuroroot comes in.

Neuroroot as a Dietary Supplement:
Neuroroot is a dietary supplement that helps you in keeping your brain activity to a normal level. At times, when you are indulged in a lot of intensive activities that require your planning and problem-solving skills you find it difficult to focus on other domains of life (Deterding, 2019). This situation can be quite worse for you because it forces you into a situation that is referred to as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Webmd, 2019). This is a disorder that can have serious impacts on your social life as well as your normal brain health. It can produce significantly worse results for you if not taken care of properly. Studies have suggested that gaming does not effectively result in ADHD rather it can pave its path towards it (Temma Ehrenfeld, 2018).

Focus Issues and Gaming:
A study that was led by Kay Bailey was based on finding the evidence for possible attention problems related to gaming (ParentingScience, 2020). The study was focused on mainly two groups: light gamers (2 hours maximum in one week) and heavy gamers (more than 40 hours per week). Results showed that there was a significant lack of attention from the heavy gamers and they were lacking the ability to focus on different kinds of things that were being shown to them. This study showed that you can have serious problems if you do not pay attention to your mental health and keep a balance between gaming and brain activity. The brain ERPs had significant issues later on that was the basis of the results that were concluded in this study.

Benefits of Neuroroot:
Neuroroot is a product that helps with these attention problems and relieves you from any possible issues in your social life. You need to have something that can assist you in maintaining the most needed focus on life. Neuroroot is focused on improving the amount of tranquility you need to have to function properly. A hard session in the online gaming tournament can increase your stress levels and all you would need is to lighten your mood so you can spend time with your family (Hasan et al., 2012). Neuroroot helps you in keeping a balance between the two thereby increasing the possibility of you having a balanced life ahead.

One of the main issues that people have these days is related to mental fogginess. This means that they are unable to understand and implement the different activities of life. The sharpness of mind is important when dealing with certain problems so you would want you to be prepared for that. Neuroroot with its effective formula helps you in bringing clarity to your mind and any possible pressurized issues can be resolved after using this. Short-term memory loss is directly related to you being able to lose focus easily and it is something that is not quite welcomed by a lot of people. Coming out of a long session of hard-fought gaming, you are bound to forget a lot of important things and this is where the problem picks up its pace and results in major issues. Neuroroot supplement allows you to maintain good memory and keep a balance between your brain activity and possible issues.

To conclude it can be said that, brain focus and keeping a concise arrangement of your brain activity with your gaming life is important. You need to have a balanced diet for it and sometimes you need a quick fix to your life problems. Neuroroot provides you with the ability to keep a balance between your life and your gaming career. Low-stress levels, higher mental sharpness, and good memory are key to a balanced social life. Neuroroot helps you in getting through these problems easily by decreasing complexities.


NeuroRoot Focus Plus is a nootropic, which supports natural brain function to improve focus, memory, and general mental performance. These cannabis-infused supplements can help users in several ways against many conditions with their therapeutic features. The product contains various nutritional and psychoactive elements like caffeine, Mucuna Pruriens, citicoline, and pyridoxal-5-phosphate (the most active form of vitamin B6) containing several properties to produce pleasure response. These carefully crafted supplements provide abundant cognitive benefits that can help users with various day-to-day tasks and decrease their mental fatigue.

The biggest advantage of NeuroRoot Focus Plus is its guaranteed safety with no side effects. It delivers a feeling of relaxation and provided an escape from routinely stress after a long and tiring day, without causing any damage as in the case of alcohol or other toxic drugs. The target market of NeuroRoot Focus Plus includes people like athletes, managers, executives, students, and others who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and handle the workload efficiently. The NeuroRoot Focus Plus helps its users to ensure that their performance goals are met every day. It further assists them in getting rid of the pressure built-up due to their harsh and busy working schedules.

Increased productivity has become a key element in every profession. Managers and employees work for long hours to remain at the top of their career and earn a competitive position for their organization. It is understandable for people to lose focus in such challenging and demanding situations. NeuroRoot Focus Plus is a smart way to avoid obscureness and remain energetic and attentive all day long. By suppressing the negative emotions of procrastination and demotivation, our smart supplements tend to increase productivity and concentration.

Students and employees often feel overwhelmed by their tight schedules and deadlines and need to multitask to complete their assigned tasks. The mental pressure along with excessive brainstorming can result in energy drain and exhaustion. In such a case, NeuroRoot Focus Plus can recharge the brainpower and enables the users to boost their cognitive abilities. The caffeine in our supplements can help them manage their tasks and deadlines easily without facing stress, anxiety, or tiredness. The citicoline combined with cannabis helps in improving memory function, which is especially beneficial for people preparing for exams and presentations.

Enhancing mood and well-being are among the most celebrated features of NeuroRoot Focus Plus. The 100-milligram dose of caffeine in each serving of our supplement helps in the stimulation of serotonin, often referred to as happy chemical, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which give a sensation of pleasure and relaxation and help build a positive mood. Consuming nootropics correctly can significantly enhance the quality of life of people who face continuous mood swings due to environmental and social triggers. Our supplements also contain Lion Mane Mushroom that helps in the stimulation of a process called adult neurogenesis, which can help with fine motor control, coordination, as well as affective disorder and mood.

Inadequate sleep is among the several triggers that can result in bad and negative moods such as bad temper, irritability, sadness, and frustration. Stress and pressure from work can deteriorate sleep patterns and can often lead to sleep deprivation and other disorders. The stress releasing mechanism of NeuroRoot Focus Plus can help its user to fall asleep faster and improve their health and productivity as a result. Our supplements are a great way to reduce anxiety levels and to have a relaxed, calm, and a good night’s sleep.

Learning is another important factor that depends on brain health and many other factors such as energy levels, memory performance, amount of daily sleep, and ability to focus on surroundings. NeuroRoot Focus Plus can help achieve a calm state of mind during stressful academic or professional situations. Its memory and cognition boosting mechanism can help users to absorb and retain information for a long time. The enhanced brain functioning and focus can also result in increased creativity. Citicoline and vitamin B6 are known for heightening motivation and elevating positive mood, which results in increased creativity and an internal drive to become better at work. NeuroRoot Focus Plus can help you to find your inner potential so that you could channel it the right way and achieve wonders.

All in all, NeuroRoot Focus Plus not only provides short-term benefits like resistance to pressure, competitiveness, attentiveness, memory efficiency, focus, and productivity but also tends to enhance brain structure in the long run, especially with the aging process. A healthy brain is more capable to fight declining mood, cognitive abilities, and lack of clarity, which develops as a person gets old. Also, to help memory functions related to performance, these smart pills can  be extremely helpful in memory concerns that develop with age. Citicoline, with its regenerative and energizing properties, can improve the short-term memory performance in aged people.


Busy work schedules are tiresome and drain our energy, but we need to keep going. It would be best if you were alert and attentive despite the hectic schedules and trying to beat deadlines at any point in the day. It’s not only work that requires energy, alertness, and attention; studying for school requires the same effort and energy. Worry no more, the solution is here, NeuroRoot Focus Plus has been introduced not just as a stimulant but also a nerve relaxer. Taking the form of capsules, NeuroRoot is a full dose of CBD aimed at providing traditional benefits such as mood improvement, relieving stress, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. Besides the capsule’s conventional medicinal uses, the new ingredients focus more on the nervous system to stimulate and energize the body to perform better. In simple terms, it’s more than a cup of coffee, and we all know how far the benefits of taking coffee can go.

A demanding day does not have to drain your whole energy; you will no longer have to guzzle cups of coffee and water during the day. For the students trying their best to stay awake and alert while grasping the content, the solution is found in NeuroRoot. Just as the name suggests, NeuroRoot is a nerve stimulator; the human body is made up of numerous nerves that are interconnected for the body’s proper functioning. When you hurt yourself, pain is a result of the nerves reacting; when the body’s physical features get tired, it’s a form of communication from the nerves; basically, the nervous system is what drives the body. The caffeine component in the capsule is derived from coffee and tea and is the leading psychoactive drug ever known. By including caffeine, the drug increases wakefulness, improves reaction times, and alertness. Any individual who has to study will benefit from this aspect of NeuroRoot capsules.

When carrying out our daily activities, having a positive attitude and a positive mood is essential; NeuroRoot contains Mucuna Pruriens Extract and Vitamin B6, which support optimal dopamine levels responsible for reinforcing pleasure response and a positive mindset. Mucuna Pruriens is popularly known as the velvet bean and is one of the few sources of a rare amino acid 3. Understanding how your body works is fundamental and enable you to plan and execute your tasks on time. NeuroRoot contains citicoline, a form of choline, and acts as a precursor to acetylcholine and is crucial in forming memories, dreaming, and locomotor control. Citicoline has, for a long time, been used to minimize psychoactive effects and increase anti-inflammatory and psychological impact. As part of improving the body’s nervous system, proper coordination, reflexes, and fine motor control are essential.

NeuroRoot ensures the body’s reflexes are okay, and the body organs are in proper coordination. The NeuroRoot capsule contains a green pigment that is found in microalgae known as spirulina. Spirulina has a lot of vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which are essential to the body. The capsule acts as a dietary supplement, an aspect that makes it more appropriate. Busy work schedules are time-consuming, and meal breaks are not constant; this applies to study habits. NeuroRoot focus plus capsules ensure that the body is well nutritioned by providing extra nutrients necessary for body organs’ functioning. The blend of all these ingredients is what makes NeuroRoot the new ‘go to’ capsule.  At times the body may be tired due to fewer hours of sleep and early mornings, worry no more; NeuroRoot Focus Plus is a good stimulant, designed to be taken as the first thing in the morning or before a workout to energize the body.



Neuroroot Focus Plus is another great product from Radix Remedies, the producer of the best cannabis-infused products. Our products have always been meant to provide relief to a number of ailments. Today, we are proud to introduce a product that has both therapeutic and nutritional benefits in NeuroRoot: Focus Plus with additional potential of Nootropics.

About NeuroRoot

Our new amazing product contains a full dose of CBD, an essential provider of all traditional benefits including stress relief, mood improvement, pain, and inflammation relief. NeuroRoot is the most powerful and latest supplements in the region and world at large. It is very high in nutritional value.

The product contains caffeine; the most popular psychoactive drug. It has the potential to increase wakefulness, being alert, and reaction improvement as a stimulant. It also contains mucuna pruriens extract in addition to vitamin B6. Mucuna pruriens is the traditional source of rare amino acids 3 and 4 that functions as a precursor to the release of dopamine while vitamin B6 supports its optimal levels in the body. Other ingredients include citicoline, a precursor to acetylcholine that supports memory formation. Also, it contains Hericium Erinaceus, a medicinal fungus for neurogenesis.

Therefore, NeuroRoot Focus Plus, which comes in capsules, is a blend of all the above ingredients for optimal full body recovery and mental boosting especially for athletes and bodybuilders.

Why NeuroRoot for your Gym supplement?


NeuroRoot is a supplement designed to boost your energy and increase your athletic performance. Its formula differs a lot from other similar products because of its blend of caffeine and other sources of vitamins and amino acids described above. Caffeine will stimulate and enhance cognitive functions as well as physical performance. Unlike pure creatine, it is more natural with alternative sources of protein blends like spirulina, an abundant source of chlorophyll in seaweeds. This acts as a natural deodorant for the GI tract and activates quick detoxification during a workout.

Neuroroot Focus Plus is a source of energy that helps build and maintain your energy. The process of burning fats, you will gain muscle mass as fast as possible. Your body has the option of using BCAA as an alternative to breaking down your muscle energy. All you need from a pre-workout supplement is to prevent your muscle glycogen depletion and Neuroroot Focus Plus is the ideal product for this.

It comes with directions on use. The recommended time to take Neuroroot Focus Plus as a pre-workout supplement is 30 minutes before body activity to allow your body time to consume and digest the ingredients; this optimized the benefits of caffeine and other ingredients in the product. Just like other supplements, Neuroroot Focus Plus assist boost energy and caffeine is the best for this.


For post-workout Neuroroot Focus Plus has additional benefits as it aids muscle recovery and building. The presence of casein increases muscle synthesis and there is absolutely no reason for your muscle to ache after a workout. It will help break down the muscles during activity and then rebuild and grow them.

Training under continued physical effects has never been easy but Neuroroot Focus Plus allows the body to repair freely after strain. This calls for its best use which is of cause printed on the user manual. Neuroroot Focus Plus can be taken immediately after workout or before retiring to bed. It all depends on your fitness goals and exercise program. Be sure to consult your trainer on the best intake.


Neuroroot Focus Plus with an optimal concentration of caffeine is the greatest supplement towards fat loss and muscle preservation. You will get more dramatic results from this product. It also metabolizes fats faster for those cutting on diet as well as increasing the intensity of your workout. It is a very important dopamine enhancer to increase sensitivity and soothe your memory during the workout for better concentration. Neuroroot Focus Plus is simply the best!  

Check out our main website RadixRemedies.com for NeuroRoot and other great products.